voices of change

We’ve been talking.  We’ve been talking about change.  Neighbourhoods are changing and it seems we are experiencing “urban squeeze”.  Top to bottom, left to right, in and out.


Our shows are rooted in the communities and groups who share their stories with us. Protest and Struggle is an ongoing series looking at regeneration and gentrification. The series was created and developed through conversation.  “Voices of Change” is the second chapter in the series, reflecting on change and its impact on the southeast London communities of Peckham, Camberwell, and East.  “Voices of Change” is a verbatim piece that combines text from personal interviews and published articles with song.  

Conversations created this show.  This is just the beginning.


Meet the team behind 'Voices of Change'

Allyson Devenish - Musical Director

Trevor A. Toussaint - Director

Renee Salewski - Writer